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  1. to Peter Killey: I am writing you about your photo of an 19th century home in Ballarghey – Foxdale. Is it possible to use this photo in a book I am writing just for my family. Perhaps this is the kind of house my ancestors lived in. My ancestors Thomas Shimmin, Anne Cowley and their daughter Eleanor (Ellen) came from Patrick and emigrated to the US in abt 1846. According to the 1841 census Thomas (b abt 1825) was a lead miner. He and his family lived in Ballaarney, Patrick, but the census gave no other address. The lead mine mustbe near Foxdale, so I speculated Thomas lived near there. When I saw your wonderful photo of the old stone home, I speculated that the Shimmins might have lived in a similar home. I visited the IOM this summer and tried to find the kind of home my ancestors lived in, but had no success because I didn’t have a specific address. Since I have no way to find their home I would like to include your photo and speculate that this might be the type of home they lived in. If you have any photos of the kind of house miners in that area lived in, I would be interested in using it in my book if I have your permission. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Lani Marks Hahn

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