Mandarin Duck - Silverdale
Mandarin Duck - Silverdale

My Isle of Man Wildlife/Nature Images

Click on any of my Isle of Man wildlife images in the below Gallery for a larger view and then use the arrows at the bottom left of each of the images to view in a slideshow.

All of my Isle of Man wildlife images have been captured responsibly with the welfare of all birds and wildlife uppermost and in line with the Codes of Conduct for Birdwatchers and Photographers as published by Manx Bird Life website, which also has a web link to the Isle of Man Governments code for Birdwatchers and Photographers web page.

Feel free to make any comments on this page by clicking the “comments” link above or by clicking here enjoy – Click on any of the images for a larger view.


  1. Jane Owen

    Thank you so much. It is very nice to be able to see the birds of the Isle of Man. I love the birds.
    Robert Looney of Ballagilley farm was an ancestor of mine who was born there in1704. It is wonderful to see the pictures of the land where he and his family lived before they emigrated to America. Wonderful–thanks so much.
    Lillie Jane Luna–Owen

  2. Paul Crockett

    Hi saw a male hen harrier by the old bombing range in the north

  3. Anne Wimberley-Robinson

    first time i went through all of them…never knew there were moose and wallaby on the island of my grandfather birth! Douglass and Ramsey pics make me think of what my grandfather grew up with!

    Loved them all and just thought “WOW” with some of them. Amazing and so very much appreciated!!!

    Anne Wimberley-Robinson
    (Edwin Kelly my Mother father-traced ancestry back to my 10th grandfather Thomas Kelly-1550’s Ballacurry, German, Isle of Man. And it was easy, Manx records are impeccable and many have handwriting that is as beautiful as I remember my grandfathers writing!)

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