5 comments on “St Bridget Church – Bride

  1. Love the photo. I am coming to Isle of Man in October, 2019. I wish to make contact with Parish
    Reverend. Please,can you help? I am coming all the way from Brisbane, Australia.
    Glenda Faint

  2. Hi Tim my partner and I are interested in getting married at st bridgets in Bride. We are both from Ramsey. Although we are not church goers we have good christian values and would love to be married properly and make our promises before god.
    We havent got a clue about how to go about organising it and would be grateful for your advice.

    Regards Paul Noble tel: 203174

  3. Hello. I have just found a record stating that my 8th great grandfather David Kerr was buried in Bride on 24 Oct 1725. How would I go about confirming this?
    Thank you so much

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