Nativity in the Barn in Ballaugh © Peter Killey -

Nativity in the Barn at Ballaugh

A wonderful Community effort for Ballaugh again last night at the annual Nativity in the Barn at Ballaterson Moar Farm.

Well done to Mr and Mrs Cowin for allowing their barn to be used for such a lovely event and everyone who organised it, a great team effort by all.

Oh and Father Christmas and the three donkeys were also fantastic

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Nativity in the Barn in Ballaugh © Peter Killey -


  1. Eleanor

    What a marvellous setting for th Nativity story. It must have been a magical occasion.


    Oooh! The real roots of the Nativity! Indeed, it must have been such an occasion!!! May the Holly Nativity Story happens in everyone´s heart who was attended there that night!! God bless you, Peter, for captive & share the moment! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. HW Bishop

    Lovely photo of a scene provided b the me,bees of the Ballaugh Church. Please can we have a copy for our archives?

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