Chapel Row in Douglas © Peter Killey -

Two of the oldest Pubs in Douglas

The ‘Old Market Inn’ and ‘The Albert’ are both side by side in Chapel Row in what is truly the oldest part of Douglas.

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Chapel Row in Douglas © Peter Killey -


  1. Greg holland

    Hi Peter , I am recently retired and was browsing on my IPad and blow me there was a picture of the Albert. My dad Teddy Holland was born there. His parents Charlie and Sarah owned it for a number of years. They lost ownership when Dumbells bank went bust. Granny nee Campbell from Counhty Armagh was never a one to give up and she went shopping one day in strand street and came back with the deeds to the New Strand. Sarah came to the Island as a young woman and took over the management of the Woodbourne Hotel for her employer who lived in Manchester.
    Charlie Holland came to the Island from Cheshire to look after his family’s interests on the Island. He ran the Cheshire Inn, now known as the British Hotel on the quay.
    At one time Charlie and his sisters owned a number of businesses on the quay.
    Charlie’s sister Mona ran the theatre Royal. Her son Charlie McCartin was killed on one of the Manx fleet that went to Dunkirk. He was 19yo.
    You might remember my auntie Patsy Holland who thought infant school for many years at St Mary’s.
    I now live in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.
    Still have a great fondness for the Island.
    Love your photographs.

    • Martin Bridson

      Hi Greg. I just stumbled on your post. Your Aunt Patsy — “Miss Holland” — was my first ever teacher, in the infants at St Mary’s. I remember her as clearly as if it were yesterday.

      • Hi Martin,

        Miss Patsy Holland was my Great Aunt and it is lovely to hear from someone who remembers her from St Mary’s. She was pretty much retired when I knew her. If you can remember any stories about her I would be hugely grateful to read them.

        Thank you, Esther

  2. Anna

    Dear Mr. Killey,
    As a Manx descendant I cannot but say that like your photos very much. Some of your photos take me along to roads we walked as children.
    I have family living in the Isle of Man but my brothers and I live in the Netherlands.

    Thanks, Anna de Roij

  3. Nancy Coleman

    Hi Peter!
    My husband and I are visiting the Isle of Man in a few weeks. A visit has been on the top of my “bucket list” for as long as I can remember (and that’s a lot of years!), and the trip really is a dream come true.

    My husband has never been to Europe and is a complete history fanatic. We are interested in seeing the oldest sites on the island, which led me to this website. I am loving the photographs! I check the Isle of Man news every morning and appreciate knowing some of the local happenings in preparation for our stay.

    Can you give ma a little history of each pub you listed? I’m wondering the following: The specific years of operation for each; Are they still using their original recipes; Are they still located in their original spots?

    Thank you for your help!

    Nancy Coleman
    North Carolina, US

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