4 comments on “Park Road School Demolition 4th March 2013

  1. Nice pictures to keep, thanks. No particular whizz bang memories of the school, apart from stone steps inside the school which were dipped in the centre from thousands of feet. I think they were later built up. Also the door from the chemistry lab to the domestic science block, always had a message chalked on it: please close this door. Only, the ‘c’ was permanently deleted! The tiles on your photographs were certainly a social history statement, although I don’t remember them.

  2. Rather a dark and gloomy old building. I remember having to teach some science classes here after St Ninian’s became co-ed. Rather tedious having to walk the almost mile down to Park Road during morning break and then get the classroom set up for a lesson. No chance of a cuppa! We also used the hall for O’ and A-level exams during TT week, as St Ninian’s was far too noisy!!

  3. Good morning, can you tell me was Park Road ever a Boarding School? Or was there one nearby in the 1940’s. Thank you

  4. You may be thinking of the St Francis private school in Derby Road, Kenny… although I’m not sure if this school took in boarders.

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