The Vampires Grave in Malew Churchyard

Before I give you some history into this chained grave, non of this info can be fully supported and maybe the subject of Isle of Man myth!

This rather strange grave brings many visitors to Malew Churchyard and as can be seen by the image it is iron staked at each corner and randomly heavily chained to allegedly keep the vampire in!

The alleged Vampire was a Mr Hassal who died aged 54, when Mr Hassal died the Undertakers were not allowed to bring his body onto the consecrated church grounds so rumour has it that they loaded his body into the grave from behind the wall, it was then covered in a heavy slate slab and staked with iron posts and iron chains.

To add to this conundrum Mr Hassal’s wife Margaret is also buried in this chained grave!

Vampires Grave in Malew Churchyard © Peter Killey - Vampires Grave in Malew Churchyard © Peter Killey -


16 thoughts on “The Vampires Grave in Malew Churchyard”
  1. Hi Eleanor, right back to my early teenage days I can remember my Dad telling me about this grave (he was a local undertaker) and it has always been a strange topic of interest for me!

    I have done loads of research on this topic and this is the best we can come up with yet.

    Hopefully someone can genuinely enlighten us us!?

    Peter 🙂

  2. He could probably tell some good stories too. It’s interesting how the old stories like this stick in the imagination. Have you passed them on to the kids.

  3. Matthew’s burial record on the register actually says “Halsall” while his wifes inscription at the church says “Hassal”. I’ve never found a matching baptism for Matthew (born about 1800) and it could be that they came from England.

  4. An old yarn, as they were so afraid they opened it up 4 years later to bury his wife Margaret Hassal with

  5. There are still bells in burial grounds in the older St.Louis, MO. When there were people who were buries alive.
    I enjoyed Bram Stroker’s Vampire, I just don’t believe they ever existed, if so where are they now??
    Just a thought!

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