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A lovely hike along the Raad Ny Foillan (Long Distance Path) Just below Corrins Tower on Peel Hill at Knockaloe Brooghs you can find these beautiful carvings of happy hikers, which were placed there by the Manx Footpath Conservation Group and brilliantly sculptured by Nick Barlow.

This Hiker carving is dedicated to the memory of past footpath members.

The plaque on the hikers case has a section of a poem by T.E Brown:

“To unlock the treasures of the Island heart;
With loving feet to trace each hill and glen,
And find the ore that is not for the mart
Of commerce: this is all I ask”

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Happy Hikers Knockaloe Brooghs - © Peter Killey -

Happy Hikers Knockaloe Brooghs - © Peter Killey -