Doarlish Ard Farm in Foxdale

Doarlish Ard Foxdale - © Peter Killey -

Possibly the site of where Foxdale Mines worker James Killey murdered 3 of his children and then killed himself in 1868.

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Doarlish Ard Foxdale - © Peter Killey -

12 thoughts on “Doarlish Ard Farm in Foxdale”
  1. Hi Peter I did private message you on Facebook when this photo was on . Is it possible to purchase a couple of copies of this photo as my partner lived there as a child. Thanks Ann-Marie

  2. Hi peter

    I was just wondering where a outs on that picture would the well have been?
    A friend and I went there a few months ago, but couldn’t find where the well might have been. Maybe been covered up

  3. Peter,
    It has been several years since I wrote my first book and used some of your images in it. I have since written two other book in the same series, each incorporate the well at Doarlish Ard to enhance the story. If you like, I will send you an electronic copy of my book 2.

    You have really grown as a photographer. Love all the new pics.

    1. John have just posted a comment about the Killey cottage on Peter’s site. I have your paper “Who is Oscar”. Very interesting. Have a copy of Manx Murders by Keith Wilkinson.

  4. Peter the picture isn’t where the Killey murders took place, that farm was occupied by Fairbairns in the 1950s. We lived at Doarlish Ard at the top of the lane on the left second cottage from the end. The Killey cottage, now demolished, was half way down the hill on the left almost opposite the entrance to Ballagill. I have a photo of the cottage site. Donald Fairbairn lives/lived in Castletown.

    1. Hi Mike, would it possible if you could share the photo of the cottage site please? Would be interesting to see. Thanks

    2. I am interested in the exact place this cottage was. Please could you advise on its location please. And pictures of possible.

      Many thanks in advance

      Simon rea

  5. John Shimmin and Peter Killey I would love to see photos of the actual house please. John, you are my 2nd cousin! Peter, are you a direct descendant of James Killey?
    My grandfather was John Edward Shimmin and my grandmother Mary Jane Kermode who both lived at Doarlish Ard so I would love to see photos of the other cottages. No’s 53 and 54 when they were both 13

  6. I was just walking past the site you’re describing earlier today and wondered what had been there. Was the cottage demolished after the accident do you know? I’m guessing the well must have been filled in too. Really is a truly shocking and sad event.

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