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Kirk Christ Church Lezayre

I have just read a lovely old Manx book called Legends of a Lifetime by the late George E. Quayle and he makes mention that in 1890 the family of a nearby resident of the Church (Mr Hicks) installed 8 Tubular Bells in the tower of this fine old church in his memory.

George E. Quayle mentions that his parents were married in the church at a similar date and the peal of tubular bells played ‘Abide With Me’ on their wedding day, apparently since then the bells have never played a tune since, apart from the odd jingle on a Sunday and the solemn minute bell for funerals.

I personally did not realise that ‘Abide With Me’ was a wedding hymn but I did think that this is a lovely story worth sharing.

Sadly today this fine old church is now on the open market for sale, a sign of the times indeed.

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Lezayre Church © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com


  1. Jane Marshall

    Need to know if the Church is sold what happen’s to the Cemetery I am asking as my son Gary Kneale was Buried their on the 13/7/2001 what will become of his grave as the thought of him being disturbed is very upsetting.

    • I have replied to Jane and provided some links reporting that funerals and weddings etc will not be altered!

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