Killabregga in Sulby © Peter Killey -

Tholtans at Killabregga

This old abandoned farm sits high up above the Sulby valley and is typical of those found in the upland areas of the Island, the remains of the horse driven mill and a small orchard are still visible, my records show that John and Lisa Kinrade were still resident at the farm as late as the 1943.

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Killabregga in Sulby © Peter Killey -


  1. Eleanor

    That’s another wonderful picture Peter. I’m sure they get better and better. I love the quality of the light.

  2. Susan King

    This brings back memories of walking from the Druidale road to Killabregga and then down into the valley, which I did several times in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Such a poignant atmosphere at Kilabregga. I’ve not been back for a while but was sad to see that the last time I visited the cottages were noticeably more ruined than previously and that the large blocks of slate over the chimney breasts in some of the cottages had disappeared.
    We also used to walk into the plantation to the ruins of Sherach Vane Tholtan which is now overgrown with conifers. This featured in TE Moore’s poem Kitty of the Sherach (spelling?) Vane.

  3. Susan King


    I wrote this a while ago and now i think the Manx poet was TE Brown not TE Moore.

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