The Tholtans of Sherragh Vane

Sherragh Vane © Peter Killey -

High up in Tholt y Will Plantation in Sulby you will find these crofters ruins which was the setting of a poem by T.E. Brown, called ‘Kitty of the Sherragh Vane’, an extract of this famous Manx Poem is below;

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Sherragh Vane © Peter Killey -

Well, I tell ye, the first time ever I seen her,
She wasn’ much more till a baby –
six years, maybe,would have been her age;
and the little clogs at her,
and her little hand
in mine, to show me the way, you’ll understand,
down yander brew,
and me a stranger too,
that was lost on the mountain;
And the little sowl in the house all alone,
and for her to be goin
the best part of a mile –
bless the chile!
Till she got me right –
and not a bit shy, not her
Nor freckened, but talkin away as purty
as a woman of thirty-
And-“That’s the way down to the School,” says she,
“and Saul and me is goin there every day;
you’ll easy find the way! –
and turns, and off like a bird on the wing,
Aw, a bright little thing.
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