Window Display at Harry Kelly’s Cottage

Harry Kellys Cottage © Peter Killey -

Plain and simple, this is from inside Harry Kelly’s small white washed bedroom.

The little ornament hanging at the top left of the image is a Willow Bumbee Cage and you read more about this cage by Clicking Here (Image and information by John ‘Dog’ Callister)

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Harry Kellys Cottage © Peter Killey -

6 thoughts on “Window Display at Harry Kelly’s Cottage”
  1. The flat irons and geraniums make an interesting combination but what really intrigues me is the ‘thing’ hanging up above the window. Do you know what it was for?

    1. Hi Eleanor, I have asked the question and this appears to be the answer – It’s a small ‘basket’ made from rushes to keep herbs in such a lavender. Equivalent to modern day air freshener.

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