Sulby Claddagh

Claddagh during MGP Week © Peter Killey -

Sulby Claddagh looking nice and busy this morning which is probably due the Festival of Motor Cycling taking place which is better known in old money as the Manx Grand Prix.

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Claddagh during MGP Week © Peter Killey -

One thought on “Sulby Claddagh”
  1. I’m all in favour of people having the opportunity to camp / caravan and enjoy the countryside and this is how it should be happening – on registered sites. Unfortunately there seems to be a lenient attitude towards wild camping – particularly for camper vans and you find several of them bedded down overnight at picturesque beauty spots like the Point of Ayre. I’m sure this is a lovely experience for the van owners but not so much for other people as they spoil the view. I’ve also experienced this at Fenella Beach where the carpark often has several camper vans parked up towards the sea end blocking the view for anyone who arrives in a car. Scotland had similar problems with overnight parking in small coves until they put up no overnight parking signs so now the camper vans have to take themselves off to campsites for the night.

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