Point of Ayre © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

Heather and Gorse in Bloom at the Point of Ayre

A lovely trip out on my Mountain Bike yesterday, started at the Ayres and then up the shore line to the Point of Ayre where I was treated to this vibrant Manx Heater and Gorse in full bloom.

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Point of Ayre © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com



    Looovelly!!! Sunny days are always fun and beeee!

  2. Eleanor

    The heather looks to be doing very well this year.

  3. Susan King

    I love this combination of low gorse and heather at the Point of Ayre. The photographer from Jarrolds Printers in Norwich who used to come over to take photographs for the holiday guide said it was a combination that you rarely saw elsewhere.
    I cycled from my brother’s house in Ballaugh to the Point of Ayre a couple of years ago when I was over on holiday and realised when I got there that there is nowhere to sit – unlike the Sound which has more seats that anyone ever uses. It’s OK if you come in a car you can sis in the car if you are not walking around, but I was ready for a rest and the grass was too wet to sit on. So I’d like there to be a campaign to get a couple of benches supplied to the Point of Ayre. The family say they will donate one in my memory after I die – but I’d like one sooner than that so that I get the benefit of it.

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