The first image is taken at the Isle of Man Flower Festival at the quaint Cronk Church in Ballaugh, there is a sort of alternative festival going on also at Jurby Church with lots of knitted flowers and characters like these guys in image two, I must say the ham sandwiches look nice 🙂

The images were captured on my Sony HX20V camera, resized, cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Flower Festival Ballaugh Old Church -  © Peter Killey












Knitted Charachters Jurby Church  -  © Peter Killey

4 thoughts on “Isle of Man Flower Festival 2013”
  1. I loved the knitted picnic.

    I have happy memories of flower festivals, especially the cakes at Dalby…

    There were always some different and very interesting churches on the list which we wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

  2. Hi Peter I love your pictures as you know. I am back in the States again. Art Armstrong. Please correct the spelling of Characters.

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