The Old Northern Steam Railway Line – Ballacrye Gatehouse

On the old Northern Railway Line at Ballacrye just North of Ballaugh Village is the Ballacrye Level Crossing Gatehouse, this building is where the gate keeper and his family lived;

The duties of the gatekeeper were arduous, as laid down by the Isle of Man Company in 1922 (Link to Ballaugh Heritage Trust)

  1. The gates were to be kept closed except to allow traffic to pass.
  2. Gates to be closed to the horse road five minutes before a train was due.
  3. Special trains had to give a prolonged whistle for crossings.
  4. A red board by day and three red lights at night to denote that a special train followed. Two red lights denoted a light engine following. These to be displayed on read of train or engines, special to pass within 15 minutes.
  5. A red board by day or red light at night hung on the front of the train denoted that a special train was to arrive shortly from the opposite direction.

The image was captured on my Sony HX20V camera, resized and cropped  in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Ballacrye Gate House - © Peter Killey

5 thoughts on “The Old Northern Steam Railway Line – Ballacrye Gatehouse”
  1. Two years ago I was just there, in the most lovelly island in the world! And now, I feel sooooooo deeply in the need of going there again! Can´t make it for TT 2013, tried to schedule for PArish Walk and didn´t get it too… One thing is certain: when I go, I will need your “guidance” to show me all this sweet and beautiful and charming places all around IOM. I can´t understand nor explain my passion for IOM… Peter, your scenes just make me feel closer to there… Thanks for such shots!! 🙂 Cheers from Brasil!

  2. hi i stayed in this house back in 1973 which at the time my gran was gate keeper. a couple of years ago a friend of my cousin let me in to have another look around it has been modernised and was completly different to the house i remember, i was glad to see it still had the thunder bucket toilet outside and the gatekeepers shed is still there, but behind overgrown bushes. i have a copy of the book which a couple of old pics back in 1972 where taken, to which my gran was in the pics.

  3. I passed by the Ballacrye Gatehouse a year ago. My first visit to the island … there for both pleasure and family history search. Crye is one of my family names. Found the family homestead, Ballacrye, and burial spot of a family ancestor at St. Patrick’s in Jurby. Glorious and life-altering trip! Fell head over heals in love with the island. Will definitely return, don’t know when, but it will happen. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

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