The Forgotten Valley at Glen Dhoo Ballaugh

We went for a beautiful walk this evening up to “The Forgotten Valley” at Glen Dhoo in Ballaugh.

Glen Dhoo in Manx Gaelic simply means “Black Glen” because when the sun is sinking in the sky and disappears behind the hill the Glen is cast into shade.

This forgotten valley is untouched and absolutely beautiful and this lovely little Manx Tholtan, better known as “The Port” or “Phurt” has a small stream running past the front of it.

The images were all captured on my Sony HX20V camera, resized and cropped  in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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A Manx Tholtan at Glen Dhoo Ballaugh - © Peter Killey













A Manx Tholtan at Glen Dhoo Ballaugh - © Peter Killey













The Entrance Glen Dhoo or the Port at Ballaugh - © Peter Killey


9 thoughts on “The Forgotten Valley at Glen Dhoo Ballaugh”
  1. What a wonderful place. The wild flowers including orchids are so unspoilt. I wish there was a map of the village so the tholtans could be identified. I am entering a miniature painting of Glen Dhoo in the Mannin Art Exhibition next week.

    Thanks for beautiful photographs.


  2. must confess until this week i had never heard of a tholtan let alone know what it is, now i know both thank you for that and for so many beautiful photographs

  3. I loved these photos, particularly because we recently visited this house. It’s where my Great Grandfather lived before heading over to New Zealand, so holds a special place in my heart. It’s a stunning spot and you captured it well

    1. Please see my post just below yours about a talk / slideshow I went to the other day which talked about Glen Dhoo… the woman who did the lecture, Louise Strickett, had studied the records of the families who had lived there…. if you want to follow it up I’m sure you could get in touch via the manx history and heritage course at UCM and Catriona Mackie.

  4. Went to a really interesting talk the other day about Glen Dhoo which mentioned the Port…. as well as the families who lived there… might have included the Boydes… a family of spinners and weavers were mentioned…. anyway the talk was part of a ‘a Manx Miscellany’ by students of the Manx Heritage and History courses, and the Glen Dhoo talk was by Louise Strickett, who said she was a religious minister (methodist?).
    Here is the facebook page for the lecture series ~

  5. My friend and I were here just a couple of hours ago. It’s a very special place , like so many on the island. It is a thought-provoking peaceful unspoilt area , and I feel very lucky and privileged to have it on my doorstep.

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