3 comments on “Hunt The Wren 2012 – St Stephen’s Day Manx Tradition (Boxing Day)

  1. This may be a sily question, but traditionally, how did they manage to catch the wren? Pulling out the fesathers can’t have been easy either.

  2. Thanks for posting this – very interesting as it’s a subject I am very interested in, having seen the Wren House at St. Fagans many years ago.

    In fact, Hunting the Wren features in me novel:

  3. Enjoyed your snippet of history on the wren. I am helping my son with a heritage project on the history of The Wren. In Newfoundland The Wren is still practised on St. Stephen’s day in a few communities around the province. It is amazing that a tradition hundreds of years old remains fairly intact to the present day. The wren song also remains much the same as our Irish ancestors sang. Thank you

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