A Stained Glass Window in St. Peter’s Church in Onchan

This lovely colourful stained glass window in St. Peter’s Church in Onchan depicts Ballaugh Old Church with it’s famous leaning entrance pillars.

I have taken a number of images of the stained glass windows in St. Peter’s and I will add them to Manxscenes.com over the coming months.

The image was captured on my Nikon S8200 Camera resized and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS6

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A Stained Glass Window in St. Peter's Church in Onchan - © Peter Killey


6 thoughts on “A Stained Glass Window in St. Peter’s Church in Onchan”
    1. Hi Joyce

      Very good question and if i am to be honest I don’t know!

      However there is also a stained glass window of Maughold Church, Peel Castle Cathedral and a couple of other Churches that I will have to do some research about!

      Maybe someone will tell us here Joyce 🙂


  1. It is a beautiful picture. I’d forgotten the stained glass windows and am looking forward to the other pictures.

  2. This is a wonderful photo of St Mary’s, the Old Church de Ballaugh – well done,Peter.

    Joyce wonders why this Church features on a window of Onchan..

    It might seem strange, but there is a sound reason for this.

    In 1971, Mr Wilfred Quayle, FRICS. FIAA, was the Diocesan Architect, and he obtained permission for his designs for 12 new windows for Onchan Church from the Church Authorities, one of his aims being that, in his own words, “they might contain subjects and motifs depicting aspects of the Island’s life and some of its Christian background.”

    It is interesting to note that important restoration work was carried out on this Church of St Mary’s in 1849 by Rector Thomas Howard and again in 1879 by the next Vicar, Rector William Kermode. Their sons, Parson Howard and Revd S A P Kermode then followed on in succession as Vicars of Onchan.

  3. Thank you for your great photos. My gr-gr-grandfather and many generations going back lived in Onchan and the surrounding area. Does anyone know when St. Conchan no longer was in use?
    (I know it was decided in 1771 to build a new church and the current St. Peter’s was begun in 1830 and dedicated in 1833.)

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