6 comments on “The Highlander on the main Douglas to Peel Road at Greeba

  1. Is there any chance of it reopening as a pub. or is it destined for cnversion into a private house?

  2. Carole Grange (marred name Levine).
    I was born in the Highlander In September 14, 1938. The Inn was owned at that time by my parents John and Harriet Grange.

  3. My Dad loved this pub and we always called in when on holiday.Am I write in thinking the landlord had a big collection of clocks ? This was in the 1950s so sometime ago.

  4. hi does anyone have a picture of the highlander i believe was on the side of the building? it would make a friends year if i could give her a picture of it for her father.
    thanks in advance

  5. Is this inn closed? Iwent on to the internet and found it has a great steak menu but its a shame if its no longer open for business. I was going to check to see if it has accommodation as its a special wedding anniversary coming up next year. We spent our honeymoon at Tholt y Will inn when it was owned by Lord Strang 50 years ago and that was then a great place but we went back some years later and couldn’t believe how it had gone downhill. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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