Old Swing Bridge Tower – South Quay Douglas

This lovely old building stands on South Quay in Douglas right opposite the new lifting bridge.

The tower used to be the control tower for the former swing bridge where the bridge was hydraulically operated to swing it open.

Gas Works steps that lead from South Quay up to Fort William can also be seen to the left of the image.

The image was captured on my Nikon D80 SLR with a Nikon 18-135 F3.5/5.6 G AFS DX lens at 22mm and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Click on the image for a larger view!

Old Swing Bridge Control Tower - South Quay © Peter Killey


One thought on “Old Swing Bridge Tower – South Quay Douglas”
  1. hi peter,

    I can remember in the 60s ,when I was about ten , the controller in the tower allowed me to close the pedestrian gates on both sides of bridge ,

    It felt amazing , i’ll never forget it.

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