9 comments on “A Traditional Manx Farmhouse Kitchen at Cregneash

  1. Do they still bake scones on the open fire and give them to visitors to eat?

    This was one of the highlights of our visit, especially as H&S regulations mean that attractions in the UK are no longer allowed to do this.

    • That´s why I love them, they´re Manx! Eleanor, I also was disapointed cos didn´t see many manx cats however, didn´t see any with tails. I guess they´re not allowed in the Island, is that right, Peter?

  2. We were disappointed how few true Manx cats we saw. Nearly all of the cats seemed to have ‘proper’ tails.

  3. Hi, great pictures, the cat (Orry) in the farmhouse is actually the father of my cat Lilly!

    My Mum works in the farmhouse, however thats not her in the picture.

    Small island eh?

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