Point Cottage © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

A Little Cottage by the Sea

This cottage up at the Point of Ayre is a bit run down, anyone know what it’s past is?  I seem to remember someone telling me it used to be a Smithy’s workshop!

*Edit (10.9.14) I have been informed by Mr Eric Corkish who is a Northern Historian that the Cottage was called ‘Goats Cottage’ as the occupants used to herd goats. – Thanks Eric

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Point Cottage © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com



    Is there anyone living there? I wanna rent it!!!! (Oh, dream, Isle of Dream, I may say!) 🙂

  2. Eleanor

    There does seem to be a lot of workshop space to the side of the cottage. Would there have been enough trade for a smith in that area?

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