4 comments on “The Wizard of Ballaglass Glen

  1. Hello Peter,
    Again, I just wanted to thank you for such great views, I especially like those from a round Ballaugh. Seeing all those colours, makes such a change from here, with piles of snow every where. So thank you for putting some colour in our lives, and do keep up all your good work. If, there is ever a next time for me to be back on the isle, I will certainly try and stop in at your station, to say Hi!

  2. IT is the first time i have been on this page and I love it. I have been coming to The Isle of Man for 10 years now sometimes with my husband and sometimes on my own I certainly believe in the fairies. i remember when we were children we approached the isle of man and dad said to us say good morning to the fairies you must always believe if you do you will have a nice holiday and always come back to the isle of man and ever since then i have always believed i am coming back to the isle of man this year. there are so many places i went to see in the the isle of man before i leave this planet.

    • Thanks Sue lovely memories I am sure, keep looking back from time to time as I am constantly updating and renewing my Isle of Man Images 🙂

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