Bride Church - Norman Wisdom - © Peter Killey -

Bride Church – Norman Wisdom

A walk around Bride Church and we put a few flowers on the grave of the late Sir Norman Wisdom OBE 🇮🇲

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Bride Church - Norman Wisdom - © Peter Killey -

Bride Church - Norman Wisdom - © Peter Killey -

Bride Church - Norman Wisdom - © Peter Killey -


  1. Nicola Betts

    Happy birthday norman
    Much love
    Nicky xxxxxxxxx

  2. Karen D Rawling

    One of my favorite actors I have all his movies. Rest in peace..

  3. Sister Marika Rebicsek

    Always my favourite comedian..Watched Barry Cryer’s documentary of him today on Sky Arts. Now watching The Square Peg. We need more like him. I’m in bad health right now, and he NEVER fails to cheer me up! And split my sides laughing!

  4. Joe

    I’m hoping to visit this beautiful place next weekend, maybe stop off and pay my respects to one of the best actors I grew up watching. Such a pity sir norms not here still, but great memories never die.
    RIP sir Norman,xxx

  5. Kathryn howarth

    I love whizzy he was a lovely man who made me laugh especially when I needed to. I have his film collection and watch them when I need a lift. Thank you Mr Norman

  6. Robert

    We are hoping to have a holiday on the Isle of Mann this year.
    Sir Norman, always funny never over the top.
    Just watched his cameo on the Last Detective.
    Hope to visit and say “hello”.
    Rest in peace Sir Norman.

  7. Sue Miles

    I visited the Isle of Man this year had my photo taken with him sat on a bench in Douglas. Lovely memories of Norman watched most of he’s films with my mum very funny man
    Glad a found he’s statue R I P

  8. C. Muzyka

    You’ve always been my best fan an always will be, Was coming to see you when you were on this earth but had things to do, then it was to late, I’m hoping to come an see your grave this year. May you continue to rest in peace, God Bless.

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