Kirk Braddan Old Church and 3 Gravestones

Cholera Headstones - © Peter Killey -

Kirk Braddan Old Church and 3 interesting Gravestones 🇮🇲

Set in a beautiful wooded valley by the River Dhoo. The churchyard is full of Georgian headstones and is a wonderful place for photographers and anyone with an interest in Manx history and architecture to visit.

There are many interesting gravestones but here are 3 of my favourites and a snippet of info about each.

The grave of Captain Edward Quayle
Captain Quayle was born in 1802, and became one of the first Masters of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company when he assumed command of the Mona on October 5th 1833, having previously been in command of several of the clipper packets which plied between Douglas and Liverpool.
Captain Quayle passed away at his home on Prospect Hill on Saturday June 14th, 1862. The grave has a beautiful intricate carving of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company’s paddle steamer ‘Douglas’ just look at that 3 intricate Legs of Man above the paddles.

The Cholera Stones
Some 83 victims were buried in Old Kirk Braddan yard between July and September 1832, these small stone adjacent to the Church are apparently individual graves.

Samual Ally “The Slave’s Grave”
One of the best known graves in old Kirk Braddan Church is that of Samuel Ally who was an African slave that was brought to the Isle of Man from the West Indies by the owner of Kirby Mansion house (directly next door to this graveyard) following the abolition of slavery in 1834.

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Old Kirk Braddan Church -  © Peter Killey -

The grave of Captain Edward Quayle - © Peter Killey -

Cholera Headstones - © Peter Killey -

Samuel Ally - Manx Slave - © Peter Killey -

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