Sheepfolds - Sulby, Isle of Man - © Peter Killey -

Sheepfolds – Sulby

The sheepfolds on the hillside above Sulby Reservoir and close to Lhergyrhenny, with Snaefell mountain top left.

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Sheepfolds - Sulby, Isle of Man - © Peter Killey -

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  1. Anthony Corker

    Hello Peter,

    The viewpoint of Snaefell appears on a similar level to the height of the sheepfold. How further high is the summit of Snaefell from the upland?

    I feel uplifted with the different perspectives in this photograph, and the B&W (14th January) photograph above Sulby: a feeling of reflection, and space.

    I’m enjoying the clarity, and feeling of really being there, these photographs express.

    Thank you, Anthony

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