Manx Tholtan - © Peter Killey -

I just love this gorgeous Manx Tholtan at Cronk y Voddy.

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Manx Tholtan - © Peter Killey -

2 thoughts on “A Manx Tholtan”
  1. Love old interesting buildings such as this and also photographing them. I wonder what people worshiped here and the weddings and baptisms that would have been held. Alas in NZ we don’t have such buildings but we do have some old wooden churches long since dis-used but are still standing.

  2. I have a small oil painting on wood by William Hoggatt, which closely resembles the image A Manx Tholtan; I would appreciate your thoughts on the possible location of the oil painting and how I may send this image to you as I do not have Facebook.
    Your images an evocative and constant delight in their beautiful simplicity.
    Thank you

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