Strathallen Castle – Port St Mary

Strathallen Castle © Peter Killey -

Strathallen Castle, formerly the Clifton Hotel in Port St Mary, was built on a promontory which has superb views of Port St Mary Bay and the rugged cliffs towards the Chasms.

Look at the little bridge leading to St. Thomas’s Isle which was once a private boat launch.

The property is in slight disrepair now but what a beautiful place to live.

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Strathallen Castle © Peter Killey -

7 thoughts on “Strathallen Castle – Port St Mary”
  1. I worked on that house many years ago. It was owned by the late Ronnie Aldrich, who was the musical director for the Benny Hill series

    1. My Uncle used to sail with Port St Mary yacht club with Ronnie Aldridge. Ronnie’s boat was called Margaret. She was an old wooden style yacht with red sails.

  2. The very warm Strathallan Castle. Plenty of good memories there when visiting Ronnie and Mary Aldrich in the 80’s.

  3. Hi Ronnie Aldrich was my godfather and used to visit the isle of Whithorn in his yacht regularly x

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