Magnetic Hill – Ronague

Magnetic Hill © Peter Killey -

Magnetic Hill Ronague

“Turn your car engine off and marvel as a magic stone pulls the vehicle uphill. Magnetic Hill is located on the A27 between Ronague and the Round Table crossroads. The slope is marked by this large stone on the roadside verge that is said to be part of a stone circle broken up a hundred years ago by a coven of witches”.

Sorry for the poor quality of the image but it is quite difficult to make out the wording.

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Magnetic Hill © Peter Killey -

2 thoughts on “Magnetic Hill – Ronague”
  1. I visited Magnetic hill and tried it on pushbike ,appearing to roll up hill from a certain point between quartz stones to the Fairy stone at the top .The Fairies allegedly push the vehicle back up the hill when the brake is released or on my cycle and can of soft drink also a optical illusion and a good one!

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