Peel City © Peter Killey -

The City of Peel

Peel looking splendid yesterday (8th Feb 17).

Image taken from the northern headlands of Peel.

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Peel City © Peter Killey -


  1. Another lovely picture, Peter. The gorse is really well out too.


    Peter, your point of view to Peel are always great! I wonder you have gadgets to inform you a brazilian IP location everyday at!!!! You can bet it´s me!!! 😀 your shots are breathtakings!!!!!!

    Yesterday at sunday familly lunch, we had such fun asking where we´d spent a millionair lottery prize. All of them screaming: Karina will live in the Isle of Man! No need to ask her!!

    FOR SURE!!!!! Look at the beauty of the place and kindness of manx people!!!! <3 <3 !!!

  3. I love seeing your gorgeous photos. It reminds me of our visits to your lovely island. Hopefully we will be back in the next couple of years.

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