Tholt y Will Farm (Yn Alt)

Tholt y Will Farm © Peter Killey -

The long abandoned farmhouse of Tholt y Will Farm which is high up in the hills overlooking the Sulby Valley with the traditional Hawthorn tree situated near to the front entrance which was reportedly planted to ward off evil.

I am led to believe that this farmhouse may have also been called “Yn Alt” which translates from Gaelic Manx to “the mountain stream”

This Tholtan in located in such a beautiful, open and isolated area of our Island and I often wonder what life was like back then for the families that lived there.

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Tholt y Will Farm © Peter Killey -

2 thoughts on “Tholt y Will Farm (Yn Alt)”
  1. You do love the tholtans, Peter. I knew that Mountain Ash was often planted to ward off evil spirits, but didn’t know hawthorn was too. I have a very old hawthorn at the bottom of the garden which is all that remains of an old hedge line that predated the houses. I’ve always liked it and especially so now if it keeps me safe from those evil spirits…

  2. I came across this sight by accident. Thank you so much for sharing your photos of this lovely island. William Christian was my direct ancestor and his grandson. Patricus (?) came to the United States. His son Robert Christian was one of the founders of the first Presbyterian Church in America, Tinkling Spring, located Fishersville, Virginia. This church is very active and there is a huge bolder with Robert Christian named as a founder. It was so interesting to see these pictures and, again thank you for sharing.

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