7 comments on “My IOM Churches Stamp Collection

  1. Congratulations again, Peter!!! It is well deserved! Your pictures are beautiful!!! You´ve done a great job spreading Isle of Man around the world!!!! 🙂 I use to use some of your pieces here in Brasil!!!! 🙂 Of course, giving manxscenes.com credit!!!! 🙂

  2. Peter they are wonderful and you deserve all the publicity from this. It is so good that your work is being acknowledged in this way. I remember emailing the tourist board many years ago, back in the days when you produced a monthly page, to tell them how wonderful your Manx Scenes web site was. They agreed with me and said it was an excellent advert for the Island. I have had so much pleasure from your pictures over the years. Keep them coming.

    I wish my pictures were as good as yours.

    By the way have you achieved you aim of photographing all the churches now?

  3. Superb pictures Peter. Kk Patrick stands beside the old church site which is now overgrown. Years ago the outlines of its walls were visible and I took pictures of various Killey gravestones including two Phillip Killeys, my direct ancestors. In the early 1700s one Phillip Killey was involved in setting out the land for the then-new church. Despite the undergrowth, my brother-in- law discovered the older of the two Phillip stones dated 1804 was it. Sadly the slate is splitting and it will soon be gone.

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