L'Austral © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

Cruise Liner L’Austral – Douglas Bay

The French cruise liner the L’Austral seen here sat in Douglas Bay late this afternoon.

Built in 2011, she carries 264 passengers and 140 crew and measures 142 metres long.

Next stop Iona in Scotland.

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L'Austral © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com


  1. Bryan D

    ……….great image Peter, we were sat drinking coffee and watching the passengers travelling in on the little boats.

  2. eekee

    I’ve just spent a little while looking at your pictures, Peter, and recalling the ambience of the island. I visited once, long ago. With those memories and the pictures in mind, this cruise ship looks like an alien spaceship suddenly turned up! Not a bad thing, a cool effect. 😀

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