Glen Dhoo Ballaugh ©Peter Killey -

A beautiful example of a Manx Tholtan at the Hidden Valley at Glen Dhoo in Ballaugh.

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Glen Dhoo Ballaugh ©Peter Killey -

6 thoughts on “Glen Dhoo – Ballaugh”
  1. I’m going to have to ask this question Peter – what is the sign on the side of the building. Is it warning you not to enter as the building is unsafe, or is it a ‘for sale’ sign?

  2. Hi Eleanor thank you for your lovely comments 😉 The board is a nature and wildlife board explaining what could be possibly found in the area.

    I have to say that it would be best suited anywhere other than attached to this Tholtan as I believe it takes the authenticity away from the old ruin.

    Just my personal views of course.

  3. Thank you Peter. The board does look a bit out of place.

    I’m still learning with the camera which I am sure has a mind of its own at times. I was trying to take pictures of the south transept in York Minster and I’m sure it jinxed the camera on two separate occasions. Fortunately I found an excellent camera shop in York who sorted out the problems for me. I never did get a good picture and didn’t dare try a third time….

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