Old Phone Boxes – A New Life

Maughold Exchange © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

Maughold Exchange and The Tardis in Peel

What a great sense of community spirit where you can exchange books, magazines, leave community notices and someone was even wanting to swap a can of Lynx body deodorant in the Maughold box.

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Maughold Exchange © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

Tardis Peel © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

2 thoughts on “Old Phone Boxes – A New Life”
  1. Hahax my gosh they do NOT make them like that anymore. Tis like a mini library, are they all phone directories)):

    I remember when I was last in Peel about 2004, there was actually a telephone directory book in the public phone box.

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