Raymond’s Store – Sulby

Raymond Caley © Peter Killey - manxscenes.com

I just love this little traditional old Manx store in Sulby it’s also a great Post Office and Raymond is such a gentleman.

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Raymond Caley © Peter Killey - manxscenes.com

6 thoughts on “Raymond’s Store – Sulby”
  1. There used to be a small shop just like in a small settlement half way up a hill at the end of the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. We used to go in every year before and after climbing the mountain. We always got such a warm welcome from Myra, the owner, who brought us up to date with all the local gossip and always wanted to know all our news. When she died it was all stripped out and became a house. It was such a shame.

  2. I always, always ask myself if when I go there again there will be any chance of such a guide tour by such an expert like you Peter!!! I adore specially sites like this lil shops where we can meet people, stories, history, memoires, and specially manx frendly smiles and welcomes!!!! Can´t wait!

    P.S.: How hard it is to move around the island by bicycle?????

  3. 1970 we my mum sisters and I were living at Tholty will working for Lord and Lady Strange…so at least 3times a week.we use to go to Raymonds. ..they had everything.he will chat with us n make us welcome. .. we will never forget you Mr Raymond but wonder you can remember us. ..
    God bless you the best of Health n Happiness. …I had a photo but misplaced when I get it will.post…love…best of luck…Ira Silva

  4. I used to walk to that shop to get paraffin in the very early 50s from a house near sulby bridge. Amazing to see it’s like I remember it.

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