Old Tynwald Site – Baldwin

Tynwald Site, Baldwin © Peter Killey - manxscenes.com

One of several sites where sittings of Tynwald (the Manx Parliament) have taken place. The date on the plaque gives the date as 1428. The site was chosen because it approximates the geographic centre of the Isle of Man and is known as Killabane.

This site is just above St Luke’s Church in West Baldwin and you can just make out that quaint church.

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Tynwald Site, Baldwin © Peter Killey - manxscenes.com

4 thoughts on “Old Tynwald Site – Baldwin”
    1. Hi Eleanor, I believe that one of the sites was at Castle Rushen at the door entrance and the other one was at or near Rhencullen near to Kirk Michael. Don’t think there is anything to see though Eleanor.

  1. Amazing how you find and know so many things/sites/info on IoM history/couriosities!!!! God bless I will make my journey to there by the end of this september and I wish so deeply the weather be friendly and somehow sunny to us till end of october!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I read in a IOM travel brochure that the current ring of stones on this site is a Victorian creation. It has no historical significance other than to mark a spot in the landscape. Can you confirm or deny this, please? Many thanks.

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