Bleak House in ramsey © Peter Killey -

A rather Bleak House on Mooragh Promenade in Ramsey.

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Bleak House in Ramsey © Peter Killey -

2 thoughts on “Bleak House – Ramsey”
  1. It’s an appropriate name above the door. I don’t think I’d want to be round this one after dark either…

  2. I was born in Ramsey in 1941 but not in this house thank goodness, not that it would likely have been in such a state at that time.

    We lived in West Street opposite an abattoir which has long since been demolished. Moved to Grandfather’s house in Douglas (50 St Catherine’s Drive) in 1943 where my sister was born and used to gaze at the stork on the nursing home waiting to catch it flying!

    I thank you for these beautiful photographs and look forward to seeing many more.



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