St Trinian's © Peter Killey -

St Trinian’s Church – Marown

The Church of Ninian (now always called Trinian) stands beside the Douglas To Peel Road under Greeba Mountain.

It was built in the 12th century on the site of an ancient keeil and extensively altered in the 14th century.  A number of cross slabs are kept inside the ruined church on the site which has no public access.

The ruins are the scene of the story of the Buggane of St Trinian’s who persistently blew off the church roof as fast as it was rebuilt.  The village tailor undertook to make a pair of breeches as soon as the roof had been completed which would then drive the Buggane away.  The tailor was down to the last button but ran out of thread and whilst away the roof was again blown off.

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St Trinian's © Peter Killey -

St Trinian's © Peter Killey -


  1. Eleanor

    We’ve often admired the church as we’ve driven along the main road, but have never gone to look at it. Louisa always liked the story of the Buggane.

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