Saddle Road in Douglas © Peter Killey -

Saddle Road in Douglas

The Saddle Stone from which this road takes its name, is by the roadside right next to the Old Deemster’s Cottage. The stone has stood there for at least two centuries

The famous ‘Saddle” wishing stone according to old Manx legend is ridden every night by the fairies.

Today people sit on this “Saddle” and make a wish.

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Saddle Road in Douglas © Peter Killey -


  1. Eleanor

    We must have driven down Saddle road but I don’t remember seeing this, or hearing the story.

    On a more mundane note, I assume this was to help people mount horses?

    I wonder how many cars scrape their ides on it if they get too close.

  2. David Jenkins

    Hello, Peter,
    Many the times I had made a wish upon the saddle, but if my memory serves me, the saddle was much higher in the wall. Still it’s good to know, that it still remains, and what a wonderful legend to go with it.

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