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  1. I see the Lady Isabella is undergoing some renovation work. I remember back in the 1950s or maybe 1960s when she was in a very poor state of repair, the Tourist Board contributed towards some major renovation work. A lot of the old heavy oak timber was replaced with – not sure what – something much lighter anyway and when the job was finished the whole wheel was so much lighter that when the water was re connected it spun much faster – alarmingly more so – that it even had done originally. My dad joked that they were worried she was going to spin off and roll down the valley. I assume they must have found a way of slowing her down for her own good. Less water I suppose. Almost as impressive but not so well known is the system of waterways and sluices up into the hills above the wheel which supplied the water for her – my brother did a project about that when he was doing A Level history at KWC.

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