Old Kirk Lonan © Peter Killey - manxscenes.com

Old Kirk Lonan Church

This is one of my favourite churches on the Island.

This quaint little church is dedicated to St. Adamnan and is one of the oldest churches on the Island with the walls dating back to the 12th century.

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Old Kirk Lonan © Peter Killey - manxscenes.com


  1. Eleanor

    It’s a lovely picture Peter. We love this little church too.

    • Eleanor it is a special little Church, tranquil and a place of solitude, I actually compare this remote little church to the settings of St. Lukes in Baldwin which as you know is my favourite 🙂

  2. joe spence

    Peter your photos are really good &this one here has special appealto me as I believe tt rider ex Australia Paul Dobbs is buried here in this churchyard.Many thanks for all your excellent photos.

    • Hi Joe I think Paul is buried in Lonan Church, when i find a pic, I will send you it.


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