The Wheel Head Cross – Kirk Lonan Old Church

Celtic Wheel Headed Cross © Peter Killey -

This Post is for Eleanor and Michael Wasley.

(Manx National Heritage catalogued Cross No. 73)

The most spectacular of all of the crosses in the church yard of St. Adamnan’s, still stands in it’s original position at the south side of the church. It stands at 5 feet high (not over 9 feet as described on many websites!) and more than 3 feet across and has a large equal limbed Celtic wheel head cross that is almost completely covered in interlacing, knot work and plait work designs. This stone dates from the 9th or even the 10th century.

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Celtic Wheel Headed Cross © Peter Killey -

3 thoughts on “The Wheel Head Cross – Kirk Lonan Old Church”
  1. Thank you Peter. It is a lovely picture of a very special cross. We love the way it looks slightly lopsided.

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