The Former Saddle Hotel in Ramsey

Nightlife in Ramsey © Peter Killey -

Now better known as Nightlife, this building has been in Market Place in Ramsey since at least 1846.

The building is an Isle of Man Government listed building and looking at the beautiful architecture you can understand why that is.

If you look up above the first floor windows you can see Saddle Hotel inscribed in the stonework with carved saddles below.

A blacksmith used to have his foundry in the lane that runs alongside and I wonder if this has some connection to the name ‘Saddle Hotel’?

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Nightlife in Ramsey © Peter Killey -

4 thoughts on “The Former Saddle Hotel in Ramsey”
  1. Thank you. I’m 76 and now have a picture of where my mother lived and grew up. I was adopted at birth so knew not a lot about my family. The email belongs to my niece.

    1. Hello Sue, My friends mother also lived and grew up here and she was adopted too, she is 82.

  2. Played the piano there for a summer season in the early sixties .Rose Turner are u there ???????

  3. A visitor to the isle of man this looks an amazing building what a crying shame it could not be revived

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