Old Kirk Braddan Church © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

Old Kirk Braddan Church

Set in a beautiful wooded valley by the River Dhoo. The churchyard is full of Georgian headstones and is a wonderful place for photographers and anyone with an interest in Manx history and architecture to visit.

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Old Kirk Braddan Church © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com


  1. Eleanor

    This had me confused at first as you can’t see the two bell bellcot from this side….

    Ialways liked the crosses inside the church.

  2. Susan King

    We always went to look at the headstone for the ‘Slave’s Grave’ in Braddan old churchyard. there is a long inscription on it talking about the life of the ‘slave’ I can’t remember the details or if he died a slave – if he had lived in England he would have become a free man once he landed but maybe Manx Law was different at the time. The grave is up near the back gate, in towards the hedge.

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