Laxey Towing Company’s MV Karina

MV Karina in Douglas Harbour © Peter Killey -

The Laxey towing Company’s MV Karina berthed next to the Douglas Lifting Bridge (last week).

The Karina was first launched on the 17th June 1946 and her maiden voyage was the 27th July 1946.

Overall length 66 ft, breadth 14.9 ft, depth 5.7 ft, freeboard 3 ft.

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MV Karina in Douglas Harbour © Peter Killey -

3 thoughts on “Laxey Towing Company’s MV Karina”
  1. Is this the original Karina? I have a photo of my sister and I standing on the wheelhouse but it was open to the elements. This was prior to a trip to Port Soderick in the 1950’s whilst on holiday. Will be back in The Island again from July 5th on holiday with my wife, sister and her husband.

    1. This is not the original Karina but was so named because the original one was the first boat that I went on in the mid 1950s when my grandfather used to take me to Port Soderick. I have many pictures of the original which I new very well.

      I would love to see the photo of you and your sister on the Karina, I have written a book which features both Karina’s as well as other manx pleasure boats entitled Douglas Head Ferry and the Port Soderick Boats, published by Twelveheads Press.

      Stephen Carter, Master and owner M.V.Karina, Isleof Man

  2. Hello, What is the timetable for the M.V. Karina next weekend Friday,Saturday & Sunday June 22 23 & 24th.

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