The Woodbourne Hotel – Alexander Drive, Douglas (The Woody)

Woodbourne Hotel - Douglas © Peter Killey -

Built circa 1895 on a site that was once the Mona Aerated Mineral Co.

The first alcohol licence was granted at the same time despite great opposition from the local women inhabitants of Douglas.

The total cost of the Hotel along with 3 houses and 2 shops was put at £6000.

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Woodbourne Hotel - Douglas © Peter Killey -

2 thoughts on “The Woodbourne Hotel – Alexander Drive, Douglas (The Woody)”
  1. My grandmother originally from county Armagh worked for a landlady in Manchester from the age of 13 yo
    Later she was sent to Douglas to manage the Woodbourne by her employer who owned the hotel.
    Her name was
    Sarah Campbell. She married Charlie Holland who managed the Cheshire inn, now the British Hotel. His family from Cheshire owned the hotel.
    Charlie and Sarah went on to own and run the Albert and the New Strand.
    They raised eight children.
    Their great,great Grandson is Tom Holland the movie actor.
    I migrated and live in Cairns far North Queensland.
    I think Sarah might have been the first licensee of the Woodbourne.

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