Times Were Hard – The Manx Farmhouse

The Farmhouse © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

In such houses generations of Manx people lived their traditional way of life around the turf fire burning around the ample kitchen hearth or ‘chiolllagh’.

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The Farmhouse © Peter Killey - www.manxscenes.com

4 thoughts on “Times Were Hard – The Manx Farmhouse”
  1. Hi Peter

    Like your photos , but my front room does look as good as this one now , never mind ” times were hard “. I will swop you IOM for sad old West Yorks anytime !
    Keep cliking


  2. When we visited, there was someone baking scones on the griddle over the fire. We were given a hot scone dripping with butter – it was delicious.

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